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Audio Options

2007-08-12 07:40:54 by LeviFolds

I'm not sure if admin is still working on various sections of the site, but I cannot access any of my audio submission options. For example, deleting or editing audio files I've uploaded...anyone have an answer concerning this?


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2007-08-22 20:29:36

if you mean the options are greyed out - lots of stuff is still down since the last update.. it will apparently be fixed eventually


2008-04-23 07:14:26

Ok, are you gonna tell me where you got the Matrix Sprites in Neo vs Smith, or do I have to google it!?!

Excellent flash btw, I rated it 5.


2008-04-24 20:36:25


Loved it.

You're in mah favourite artists...


2008-04-25 02:33:51

They did the same thing to me when my audio went on the front page.


2008-04-25 10:23:17

wow ur animation is too good keep it up
by the way who is the girl standing behind u is she ur girlfriend?

LeviFolds responds:

Yeah, that's my girl. That picture was taken at Otakon 2007 when I cosplayed Spike from Cowboy bebop. I don't remember why I'm making that face but chances are it was a Faye Valentine cosplayer that should not have been wearing Faye's skimpy outfit. She was making the face too, ha.


2008-08-05 10:45:15

Delete all your coockies of your internet browser and then reload the NG page and log-in...
Should be working!!


2008-11-20 20:03:49

Hey i realy enjoyed your submissions I dont know if you did take my advice and make the Zelda one brighter but i think you did cause i can see alot more than i did last time. Although i dont realy Know how long it takes to make flashes espesily some of your caliber you realy should make some more mabey a Kingdom Hearts Battle ( i dont care who vs who but it would be awesome). So let me Know if you make more Please


2009-04-02 14:20:53

i'm sorry but no!